PAK Sound is a Songwriting Agency formed by Paul Kokesh with the goal of developing and licensing mainstream popular songs that embody a genuine spirit, meeting the creative needs of writers and artists while simultaneously exceeding today's commercial requirements.

Paul crafts his songs from inspirations across time and genres and particularly enjoys pop, electronic, soul and piano rock. Raised in New Jersey with a B.S. in Business Economics, Paul currently studies commercial music composition with a focus on songwriting. His original song "King of the Moon" was a Finalist in the 2013 USA Songwriting Competition, and he was recently selected to attend NYU's Summer Songwriting Workshop to continue to grow his knowledge towards mastery of the craft.

Paul is a current ASCAP Member and always seeks like-minded musicians, artists, producers and writers to collaborate on new material for performers. While Paul always has music on the mind, he is also an entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and branding. He figured...why not merge the two?

When asked about his songsmith process, Paul explains "I listen to different styles, never get too comfortable, and most importantly, avoid trying to be like someone else. In the end, the energy that my words and music deliver can have the power to make people ‘feel'. It’s a great responsibility that comes with indescribable satisfaction."